12 April 2020

The hard-working committee of the Lord’s Taverners ACT has been thinking carefully about what the coronavirus pandemic may mean for the Lord’s Taverners in Canberra and the region.

You are our biggest supporters and we couldn’t continue to back local young and disadvantaged cricketers and other athletes without your membership and donations. We are therefore keen to let you know that we aren’t planning on going away – we are merely entering a “quieter phase” because of the coronavirus.

We had considered holding our Degustation and Winemakers Dinner in May or June, but this is not going to be possible. If social distancing rules are lifted, then we would like to hold another dinner before Christmas – either our dinner alongside the PM’s XI Match or the Degustation and Winemakers Dinner (with the timing of the PM’s XI Match, if it is to be held, being the “pivot” date).

The Lord’s Taverners ACT has also been giving thought to holding new kinds of events which, potentially, should have a wider appeal. But this will certainly not diminish the importance of our traditional events, for which you have given us wonderful support over many years.

In the meantime, the financial year 2020/21 promises to be a challenging one for us as we respond to the needs of the communities we support. So we hope you will be able to renew your membership early in the new financial year and that you might also be able to encourage friends to join us as new members.

During this “down time”, we will endeavour to keep in touch with you through communication like this. Also, our website and our social media channels are updated on a regular basis, so I would encourage you to access them, if you haven’t already done so.

Thank you again for your ongoing support – it’s greatly appreciated. Most of all, from my family to yours, please stay healthy and safe.


Ric Smith