27 November 2023. President Nan Bak announced today that Lord’s Taverners ACT will help two young new Canberrans to play Minkey, a form of hockey that’s modified for smaller children.  “We’re delighted to assist Kundrol and Kungkyid Maryon to settle in Canberra through Minkey”, Nan said. Kundrol and Kungkyid arrived in Australia recently from Tibet, along with their Mum, Dad and Grandma. They participated in a Hockey ACT Multicultural Come and Try Hockey program in February, and have continued enthusiastically through the year.  Mum and Dad are also playing and Grandma often attends to laugh along. “We’re helping with registration fees”, said Nan, “and it’s great to see this family being embraced so warmly by the ACT hockey community.” The youngsters are pictured here with Canberra Chill invitational players Rupinder Pal Singh (Indian men’s team and Olympic Bronze Medallist) and Jai Thomas (Spanish men’s team).