Multi-Sports Day Success!


5 April 2023. Lord's Taverners ACT hosted a highly successful all-abilities multi-sports day for ACT school students today. About 160 children from around the ACT competed for honours in cricket, [...]

Multi-Sports Day Success!2023-05-13T04:30:46+00:00

PM’s XI Match Dinner


The Lord’s Taverners ACT Prime Minister’s XI Match Dinner is one of the signature events on the Canberra sporting calendar. It is traditionally held the evening before the Prime Minister’s [...]

PM’s XI Match Dinner2023-03-20T21:43:26+00:00

Annual Dinner


The Lord’s Taverners ACT Annual Dinner is a major event on the local charity calendar. Annual Dinners feature high-profile guest speakers and the event is usually when the Graham Wilkinson Memorial [...]

Annual Dinner2017-06-23T04:35:00+00:00

Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of the Lord's Taverners ACT is usually held in or around September. Where previously the AGM was held alongside the Lord's Taverners ACT Annual Dinner, in [...]

Annual General Meeting2017-06-23T04:34:11+00:00

Winemakers Dinner


The Lord’s Taverners ACT Winemakers Dinner is one of the highest quality culinary events in Canberra. The food and wine for each of our winemakers dinners is individually tailored, depending [...]

Winemakers Dinner2017-06-23T04:33:36+00:00