The Lord’s Taverners is among the leading sporting charities in the UK. To find out more about the Lord’s Taverners (UK), visit its website:

Presidents of the Lord’s Taverners (UK):

Sir John Mills (1950-1951)

Mr John Snagge (1952)

Mr Martin Boddey (1953)

Mr Jack Hawkins (1954)

Major A Huskisson (1955)

Mr Tommy Trinder (1956)

Mr Stephen Mitchell (1957)

Sir John Barbirolli (1958)

Sir Ian Jacob (1959)

The Duke of Edinburgh (1960-1961)

Sir Robert Menzies (1962)

Mr Richard Hearne (1963)

Mr John Snagge (1964)

Sir Edward Lewis (1965)

Mr Ronnie Waldman (1966)

Sir Harry Secombe (1967-1968)

Lord Luke of Pavenham (1969)

Mr Brian Rix (1970)

Mr Martin Boddey (1971)

Mr Victor Silvester (1972)

Mr Jimmy Edwards (1973)

Mr Alf Gover (1974)

The Prince of Wales (1975-1976)

Mr Eric Morecambe (1977-1979)

Sir Harry Secombe (1980-1981)

Mr Ronnie Corbett (1982)

Sir Terry Wogan (1983-1984)

Sir David Frost (1985–1986)

Mr Ronnie Corbett (1987)

Mr Tim Rice (1988-1990)

Mr Leslie Crowther (1991-1992)

HRH Prince Edward (1993-1994)

Mr Colin Cowdrey (1995-1997)

Mr Nicholas Parsons (1998-1999)

Mr Tim Rice (2000)

Mr Robert Powell (2001-2002)

Mr Richard Stilgoe (2003-2004)

Mr Mike Gatting OBE (2005-2007)

Mr Bill Tidy (2007-2009)

Mr Chris Tarrant (2009-2011)

Mr Barry Norman (2011-2012)

Mr Chris Cowdrey (2012-2015)

Sir Michael Parkinson (2015-2018)

Sir Trevor McDonald (2018-2020)

Mr David Gower OBE (2020-present)


The Lord’s Taverners also has a chapter in South Africa, which was established in 2016. To find out more about the Lord’s Taverners (South Africa), visit its website: